One Word Prompt Exercise: Loophole


There are many ways to get her.

And at times its only one thing I want from her.

Something that’s inside, oh I know she will be surpirse that once I get it

She’ll be on my mind all the time.

You see I’m diggin her.

Climing thru these loopholes to reach her

To touch her, treat her like a queen queen

Climbing thru these loopholes to show her I can be her kingking-crown-clipart-dT8gEKGTe.png

I don’t break the code for anyone

But I feel like its a spell or something

Cause now I’m breaking all the rules am I the fool?

Just to come drowing in her pooldcli

of love, I can’t even consintrate anymore

I guess I am falling in love

Reaching thru these loopholes in order to show her that I’m all for her.


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