One Word Prompt Exercise: Shock


She said, “You made a mistake and you will never find anything or anyone better coming your way.”

I laughed cause I know that NO ONE can or will determine your path.

You see the God in ME has already shown me that I will be GREAT!

And ending this relationship just shown me that we are heading two different ways.

NO ONE can hold ANYONE down.

On this journey called life, you need to find yourself, take a step back and look around

and see that….

We are already GREAT!

I’m a living, breathing, God-fearing black man with two (2) college degrees living out my passion by challenging and uplifting my kids, I mean my students, I mean OUR future

To become bigger, better, and stronger than the man that I am.

You can’t push a KING down.

I’m striding thru my journey to take a seat on the throne with my queen on the side raising my young prince and princess at home.

I’m taking to every young boy & girl.

No more settling.

If someone is trying to keep you down,

Use that same energy and begin to turn your life around.

Don’t be shocked when the enemy comes around.

He already knows how great you are and how great you are going to be.

So he wants to destroy you right now

So just keep your head to the sky and don’t be shocked when those blessings begin to come around.


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