Are We Identical?


So, are we identical?

We can’t be.

When I see myself, I see a great man in the making.

I see a hard-working brother who is striving for great things.

I made a few mistakes cause I’m still finding out who I am,

But I continue to push forward cause being a mistake is not all that I am.

So, are we identical?

We can’t be.

Cause when I look at you, I see a lost boy crying for help.

Why you always walking around with your head down.

You better keep it up because you might trip on your next step.

And all those mistakes you made, man its written all over your face.

Don’t even think about moving on from your past.

You left that girl, now your lonely, man you’re a disgrace.

So, are we identical?

We can’t be.

I’ve earned my respect. Yeah, I work hard for it.

I’ve been working with my father when I was young, the age I don’t even remember.

From washing clothes to washing dishes,

From mowing the grass in the summer,

To raking the leaves in November.

“Hard-work pays off, Stay Strong-Stay Focus Son”

Just a few thoughts from my father, that I could remember.

Are we identical?

Nahh, we can’t be.

Cause your father passed away before you even became a man.

I remember your pops was gone in the military for a season.

Where was your guidance?

I think you were 16, a junior in high school,

When you thought, you were cool.

I would just sit back and watch and be like “damn, look at this fool.”

“He over there trying to be the man,”

But that wasn’t the man that your father raised.

“Stand up and take a stand young brother!

Be all the man that your father & mother prayed for you to be.

Be encouraged young king. You can & will achieve ANYTHING!”

Because I wasn’t perfect either.

Unfortunately, I got caught stealing from the Air Force Base my 1st year in college.

Went to jail for the night, I lacked judgment & knowledge.

I had to find out who I was & accept the fact that,

I am a KING in the making who loves the Most High,

Then myself,

Then my family,

Then everyone else

Cause how can you truly love anyone else if you don’t love yourself?

So, are we identical?

Nahh, we can’t be.

I just don’t understand how you feel that you are exactly like ME

You’re lazy, a procrastinator, you wait till the last minute to get things accomplished

So many great ideas!. But nothing you say actually prospers

So now, you look in the mirror and ask YOURSELF,

Are we identical?

You know we can’t be!

Aint no way as I look in the mirror, as I see myself, while I’m looking at you that we can actually be identical…….

Damn….we are identical

As I reflect on about this poem, I was trying to describe two different people,

Only to realize that I was describing…..myself

My strengths, my weaknesses

My accomplishments & when I’m most defeated

Only to accept the fact that this is WHO I AM

I’m not perfect, I will never strive for that

The decisions that I have made, have brought me to where I am at

I am Austin M. James

The man standing in the mirror

Seeking & Finding Thyself, I’m beginning to see myself clearer

The fog is beginning to separate from the glass

And as I reflect on my identical self, the man that I see, I can honestly say that I am glad

So are we identical?

That’s the question I need to know

Are we identical?

My reflection honestly shows that

I am identical

Yes, I am identical to the man I am coming to be


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